If you need to check which offers the customer had access to or the success/failure of subscription renewal events you can go to the offer history.

You can also see who added an offer for free and why.

IAP history

When a user is purchasing an offer through their Android or Apple device the offer is bound to the user's Google or Apple ID and not to the users account in your service. That means that a user can move the access to the offer to a second or third account in your service as long as they use their Google or Apple ID on the device.

This can cause some confusion e.g. if a customer isn’t aware that she has multiple accounts registered in your service.

We, therefore, added an IAP history displaying the purchase token we received from Apple or Google.

You can use the number to search in the console for any other accounts that are attached to the same purchase token.

The customer can then decide to either keep all accounts and move the offer back and forth or to use just one account and delete the other.