If your commercial contract includes support for third-party offers you will be able to configure them through the Magine Pro Console. We currently support 2 types of third-party offers:

  • In-app purchase: Allow customers to purchase a subscription directly in the iOS and Android app. Billing is handled through Apple and Google.
  • Reseller: Sell your offers through a third-party that creates, entitles and removes entitlements through an API call. Billing is handled through the third-party.

Please contact support@magine.com for more information and technical integration to get started.

Create third-party offers

After the technical integration between our backend and the third-party is done. You will be able to create matching offers in the Magine Pro Console.

In-app payments

  1. Create the offer in the Apple and the Google Play Store
  2. Copy the Product ID of your offer
  3. Go to the Offer section in the Magine Pro Console
  4. Click on create in the upper right corner
  5. Select Third-party offer
  6. Select subscription and click next
  7. Enter a description of your offer
  8. Select a provider: Google or Apple
  9. Enter the Product ID from your offer in the store into the "External offer ID" field
  10. Define the countries the offer should be available in
  11. Add a package in the next step
  12. Then set a start date and if necessary also end date. This setting defines the period a customer can purchase the offer. Please match this with the availability in the app store.
  13. Preview your offer and click on save.

For your offer to turn up in the app you need to publish also the offer in the app store.