You can configure the search feature and the layout of the search result page here in the Magine Pro Console.

Enable search in your service

To include the search function in your service you need to add Search to your menu. Read here how to do it.

Content included in the search

In this section, you can decide which content should be included in your search. By default, the search will include all available content. You can override the default in two ways:

  • Entitled content: When enabled your customers can only search for content that is included in their offer.
  • Upcoming content: When enabled the search will also include broadcasts that will air later. This is only applicable for Live TV services.

Search result page


Default settings: When enabled, will allow the customer to filter the results by kind (movie, series, channel, etc.) on all platforms

Platform custom settings: When enabled, you can decide on which platforms the filters will be offered to your customers

If you don't want to use the filters at all, then leave both options deactivated.


Default settings: Define the default layout for all platforms. 

Platform custom settings: Overwrite the default on specific platforms

If you don’t choose a display option (grid/list) then by default the web will use the grid and the mobile apps the list as it is implemented today.