Items to highlight in menus

Each menu navigates the user to a View, another collection or an external link. There's no limit on how many menu items you can add but we suggest that you use max 5 navigation points. Consider the order of the menu items and put the most appealing and useful first. Your logo on the web will use the link of your first menu item.

We have prepared some suggestions that you can add in a menu:

  • Search: Adds a search field
  • EPG view: Add your EPG view for Live TV channels
  • View including a collection: You can use this to select a collection that you want to highlight in the menu like the start page as Home or a specific genre
  • Link: This option gives you the biggest varieties. All you need is an https link.

Menu design

  • The menu of the mobile apps will be at the bottom of the screen and you can choose which symbol should represent the single item.
  • The web menu is at the top of the screen and uses no symbols.

You can translate all menu items by clicking on the translate button.

Default and custom menus

The default menu is used by all platforms as long as there is no custom menu for that platform. 

If you want that the menu is the same for all devices then you only need to create a default menu. If you want to highlight specific collections or features like downloaded movies then you should create a custom menu. A custom menu will override the default menu on that specific device. 

At the moment you can create custom menus for web, Android mobile devices and Android TV.

Menu icons

You can decide which icons the menu in the mobile and TV apps will use. Choose an image that reflects the meaning of the menu item and stick to these design guidelines:

  • PNG
  • 90x90 px
  • Only black (except for Smart TV apps)
  • Include padding

Web footer links

The website has a footer menu. Add and edit links that will be found on the bottom of most pages on the web.

Smart TV menus

If you offer your customers also our template Smart TV app we will help you to create a custom menu. A custom menu for Smart TVs is mandatory as the menu icons have to be in white.

  • PNG
  • 90x90 px
  • Only white
  • Include padding