The watch offline feature allows customers to download content to their mobile device and to watch it later without an internet connection. Customers will have access to the content for example in the car, train or plane.

If parental control is enabled the customer is prompted with a pin code check also for downloaded content making sure that the young ones can watch only appropriated content.

You can decide how long a downloaded asset is accessible e.g. for 7 days. At the end of that period, there will be a licence check that requires an online connection. The licence check makes sure that the customer still has access to the requested content.

In the console, you can set a general download availability and/or define it per asset giving you the freedom to choose which content your customers can watch offline.

Content protection of downloaded content

For offline playback, we use the same DRM protection as we use for online playback.

All files are downloaded to the user's device local storage.
The file can only be read within the app player which requests a specific license. The license is securely encrypted, stored locally and has a lifetime value as specified in the console.

Once the lifetime value is reached, the player prevents the user from watching the file and requests update of the license.

The license cannot be re-used to play the downloaded content. It's unusable until the new license is received by connecting to our servers.

Downloaded content and country restrictions

If your service is only available in specific countries your customers will need to download the content while they are in one of the defined countries.

Afterwards, they can access the content abroad as long as the downloaded content is available for them.

They will not be able to download content while they are outside the defined countries.

Read more on how you can enable the feature here.