To get your service set up please follow our prepared checklist. When you fulfil the hard requirements you will have a website with user registration and playable content that comply with the basic legal requirements. You will also be able to monetise your content and receive payments.

The optional requirements apply if you want to add mobile and TV devices and give you the possibility to brand the service in a more unique way.

Hard requirements

Optional requirements

  • Set up a Google account for Android apps
  • Set up an Apple account for iOS apps
  • Create logos and splash screens for mobile and TV devices
  • Translate the service into your preferred language
  • Translate the welcome page for the mobile applications
  • Translate the login and reset password page
  • Add more views to the menu for the web and mobile applications
  • Set the default rules that define when a user can watch content after purchasing a product 
  • Define the default for content publication and presentation
  • Enable features like watch list, share, parental control, etc. 
  • Enter the url for your mobile apps
  • Enable Airplay and Chromecast
  • Integrate Mailchimp and run campaigns based on certain user criteria
  • Create an account for Google Tag manager and connect it to track user behaviour
  • Create promotion codes to raise interest in your service at launch

Check our glossary if you need more help to understand certain terms.