During the registration flow of new accounts, you need to inform your users about your terms & conditions, your cookie policy and your newsletter.

Terms & conditions

Please add the URL to your terms & conditions here. The customer can then click on the link to read the terms & conditions during the registration flow.


In this section, you can manage which newsletter options you want to give to your users when they register an account.

First, decide if you want to enable a checkbox. Then decide if you want to use the opt-in or opt-out model.

If no checkbox is enabled all registered users will be considered as unsubscribed users. GDPR requires that the user actively opts-in to receive newsletters. Transactional emails (reset password, etc.) will be sent in any case.

Cookie policy

Please add the URL to your cookie policy here. A banner will be shown to all users that haven't accepted the cookies at the bottom of the website. We will share with you the cookies that our service requires so that you can add them to the cookies you are using.