Platform reach

In the platform reach section you can fill in the links to your apps in the app store and enable Airplay and Chromecast.

The links to the app stores are used to guide the customer to download the app if they enter your website on a mobile browser.

While Airplay only needs to be enabled, Chromecast needs an ID. You will either get the ID from us or you can get it from the Chromecast app creation portal if you have your own access.

Country restrictions

Here you can define in which countries your service can be accessed and your content can be played. You can either whitelist or blacklist countries.

The default country settings define in which countries content can be played and accounts created. You can override the default rules for playback on asset level.

If you create an offer that is worldwide available the offer will only be presented in the countries selected in this list. That means that an extension of this country list will automatically publish the offer also in the new countries.

Content portability inside the European Union and associated countries will be applied automatically. See a full country list here.

Default country

If the system can’t determine the country by reading the IP address when a user registers an account it will set the default as country automatically.