We have developed several features that you can enable from the Magine Pro Console. Select the features that fit your business case and enable them in config section of the Magine Pro Console.

  • Parental control: When enabled a user has to enter a pin code to unlock certain type of content. Your metadata needs to include a PG age rating for this feature to work. 
  • Player settings: Decide the default audio language for the web player and the seek steps for forwarding and rewinding. 
  • Watchlist: When enabled the user can add content to a personal list. You need to add a watchlist collection to display the added items. Read here how to add a watchlist collection to your service.
  • Share content: Decide if your users can spread a link to the detail page of an asset via Social Media. If you enable it you need to add the base url. 
  • Picture in picture: This feature enables a mini player that allows users to browse content while streaming simultaneously.