You can start the configuration of your service by setting the basic design in the Magine Pro console.

Brand name

The brand name is mainly used on the website, e.g. in the page footer and below the signup button in the registration flow.


The logo will be featured mainly in the header of the app. The logo should be a PNG and have the ratio of 25:7.

Tip! Make sure you provide a logo version that works well with the colour of the header.

Upload an image that can be used as favicon in the browser. Please use png. The small favicon should have the size 16x16 pixels and the large 32x32 pixels.


Set the primary, secondary and tertiary colours for your service here. You can also choose between a dark and a light theme.

Read our design guidelines to understand how the colours are used and how they work together.

Corners on content images

Both metadata assets and collections will have images for presentation. Decide if these images be displayed with rounded or sharp corners.