The bucket provided by Magine is exclusive to a single partner. Magine creates an IAM user and credentials for a partner. In order to connect to a

specific bucket, we will give a partner an AWS Access Key, AWS Secret Key and bucket endpoint. Magine creates all buckets in eu-west-1 (Ireland) region.

Partner buckets are created under a linked AWS account administered by Magine. 

If you need a new IAM user or bucket set up, please contact We will send you all information in a secured zip-file and send you the password to open the zip-file in a separate text message.

When connected to the S3 bucket you can upload, download and delete files.

Recommended S3 clients

• s3cmd

• aws-cli

• Transmit (Mac OS X)

• S3 Browser (Windows)

• CloudBerry Explorer (Windows)

Please make sure that the client you use does not require s3:ListAllMyBuckets action permission to connect to S3 bucket as Magine does not allow it and some clients require this action (e.g. FileCatalyst or Aspera v3.5.1 or earlier).