In the last step, you need to define how you want to monetize your content.


A pack is a bundle of content. You can add all your content to one pack or create pack based on specific criteria e.g. genre, premium and free content. You can add an asset to several packs. If you know how you want to bundle your content read here how to create a pack in the Magine Pro Console.


This is your marketing tool where you define the countries, the price, the currency and the type (subscription, rental, etc.) for a package.

This guide will help you to create offers in the Magine Pro Console.

Promotion codes

Promotion codes give customers discounts on an existing offer for a defined period of time. At the end of the period, the customer will pay the normal price of the offer. We have three types of promotional codes that you can use.

  • Viral codes: A code that is the same for all users. These are great when you want that users share the code with friends or your campaign is public.
  • Unique codes: A code that only works once for one user. These are great for prepaid campaigns and gift cards when you want to make sure that only one person can use the code.
  • Bypass checkout codes: A code that replaces the payment method. A customer will get access to your offer without entering a credit card.

When you launch your service promotion codes can help you to raise awareness and interest. Use our guide and create the codes that fit your needs.