You will need to sign up for an Apple iTunes Connect account if you want to offer a mobile app for iOS devices and/or an app for Apple TV.

You can find more information on the App store connect here and create an account here.

Please inform us when you have created an account. We will then ask you to add some of our team members as Admin to your account. They need access to upload your app builds.

Important documentation Google will request

You need to apply for a D-U-N-S number to prove that you run a legal entity.

You need to prove that you have the licence rights to stream the content. You can use one contract with a licence holder as an example.

Please also check that the images you use in the store don't violate Apple's policy regarding nudity and violence.

You need to fill the form for age rating of the content

You will need to enter login information for a test account for Apple's review process.