The first thing you need to do is to secure an URL for your service that fits your service's name. Typical lead times for ordering, setting up and configuring Web Domain Names & certificates can be around one week. 

Note, when domain names are redirected to new web-servers, there may be a delay before the changes are reflected globally. It takes some time for the new changes being propagated through the DNS systems.

Magine Pro will provide you only with a website where customers can explore and play your content. If you would like to have a landing page to present the unique selling points of your service then we suggest that you create your own page and we add the content as a sub-page like

What to do when you have a domain?

We will ask you to do a DNS record change and update the CNAME. This is required to use a SSL certificate which enables a secure connection (https).

We will tell you which value you need to enter.

After the web domain is set up we will give you access to the Magine Pro Console and you can continue with the configuration of your service.