Today we will release a new update of the Magine Pro Console. Before I go into release details let me explain the difference between offer and entitlement. 

Difference between offer and entitlement 

When looking at a user account in the console you can see an offer and an entitlement tab. Although both tabs show what type of content the user has access to they fulfil different tasks. 

An offer is a bundle of content that a customer can buy for a defined price. This is your marketing tool to define the market, the price and the content you want to offer. An active offer is always connected to an active entitlement. 

Entitlement is the right to access a specific type of content for a defined period. A user can have the right to access content without buying an offer. Typical use cases are test and VIP accounts that you create manually. 

Adding history for entitlement events 

When looking at a user account in the console you can see in the offer tab which offers are active and when they were added. This history is a good source for customer service when answering customer requests about subscription status, billing dates and prices. 

In this update, we will add also a history to entitlement events which will give you even more insights on who added or removed access to the service for a specific user. The history in the entitlement tab shows the event type and the source per product. 

When somebody is changing the status of the entitlement manually she needs to enter a message that describes the change. You will be able to see if the user added the entitlement through the purchase flow (billing purchase) or when the system removed the entitlement and for what reason.

 Adding history to entitlement will give you a more comprehensive overview of what has happened in a user account.

Expiration date for entitlements

Whenever you add an entitlement manually to an account you need to decide if the person should get unlimited access or if you want to set an end date. If you set an end date the user will lose access to the content automatically.