If a customer has an issue with a transaction first get a picture of what seems to be the problem. What payment problem occured?

1. Transaction rejected

Find customer account in the Magine Pro console and check the failed payment section in the payment tab for more information. Depending on the reason ask the customer to do the following:

Insufficient funds: Ask the customer to add money

Stolen card, invalid card: Ask the customer to change the payment method

Refused: Ask the customer to check with their bank that this type of transaction is allowed for the credit card. You can check the transaction in Adyen to get more details for refused payments status 

Fraud: If your service is available worldwide check if the customer tries to pay from a country that is on the general fraud list. If so you can adjust the risk profile in Adyen to accept payments from this individual or from that country in general. In all other cases the risk engine considered the customers behaviour as fraudulent behavior. You can adjust the risk engine settings to your business model. 

2. Charged twice for a subscription

If a customer discovers that their credit has been charged twice for your service please check if the payments are charged on the same day.

If they are charged on different days the customer most likely has started 2 subscriptions in different accounts.

If they are charged on the same day it could be related to a second account or a technical error on our side. Check transaction information in Console and in Adyen. You might need to ask the customer for the last 4 digits of their credit card number.

If you come to the conclusion that the issue has to be a technical error please send the following information to support@magine.com:

  • How many customers are affected by the issue?

  • Add UserIDs of affected customers

3. Changing billing date for a subscription

If a customer has an active subscription and would like to change the billing date to a specific date then there is only one way to change it:

  • The customer needs to cancel the subscription

  • Wait until it has ended

  • Then restart the subscription on the date she would like to pay

4. Paying for subscription but can't play any movie

If a customer is paying for a subscription but she is still confronted with a message saying "please purchase a subscription" do the following:

  • Ask the customer which account she is currently using to access the service

  • Check the subscription status in that account in console

  • If the account has no subscription search for a second account with the customer details in console and/or the last 4 digits of the credit card in Adyen.

5. Promo code doesn’t work

There can be several reasons why a code doesn't work when a customer tries to apply it during the purchase flow.

First of all the customer needs to be logged into her account to redeem a code.

Check in console that the code is still valid. Promotions and campaigns can be time limited and can only be redeemed in the defined period.

If the customer has already used a code from that campaign she can’t use it a second time. This applies for viral and unique codes.

6. Customer updated credit card details but old card is still charged

This happens when a customer adds card A as payment method then switches to card B and later back to card A again. You can solve this issue for the customer in Adyen by disabling the card that shouldn't be used.

Find the user in Adyen, select a transaction and then click on "View stored payment details".