If a customer has a technical issue with your streaming service first get a picture of what seems to be the problem:

What device is the customer using and which software is installed on it?

What is not working / what is the problem?

  • In what step does the customer get stuck?

    • Downloading app

    • Starting app

    • Log in

    • Play program

    • Use a certain feature

    • Account (Change settings, change subscription, enter payment details)

  • Which steps do we need to take to get the same result as the customer?

Note: Crash is defined as app closes itself and the device returns to the home screen.

Do you get any error message? What does it say?

What Internet connection are you using?

  • Does it live up to the required minimum?

  • Wi-Fi or cable? 

Then in a first try to solve the issue ask the customer to do this:

  1. Check for software and app updates.
  2. Reinstall the app
  3. Clear the cache in the web browser
  4. Try a different web browser.
  5. Restart the device
  6. Connect to a different network e.g. wifi, 3G/4G or cable connection
  7. Restart the router

Last, if no success provide all of the information gathered:

  1. Device

  2. OS and version number

  3. app version

  4. web browser and version number

  5. Type of internet connection

  6. Error message

  7. Description of issue (How can we reproduce it?)

  8. What steps have you already tried to solve it?

  9. How many customers are reporting the issue?

  10. Add UserIDs of affected customers

Then send your report to support@magine.com