With the latest update of the Magine Pro Console we added new features and improved several workflows which will make working in our console more intuitive.

Content structure

We added an overview to the content section that will give you the possibility to manage the structure of your views and collections. The content structure will show you the top level pages you have in your service. When you click on a page you will get an overview which collection is included on that specific page and on which positions. You can sort, add and remove collections from your pages directly in the content structure view. Just remember to save the changes. Here is a complete overview.

Custom tags

At the moment a metadata asset has predefined fields for title, director, cast, production year, etc. These fields are displayed in the apps and the website. Some of them like director and cast are even searchable. Sometimes you might want to add unique descriptive fields that are specific for your service only. So we added custom tags to give you more flexibility. You can e.g. come up with your own ranking system or add fields for subtitles and audio. The new fields will be searchable.

If you decide to use these fields add the tags directly to the metadata asset and then tell us how the field should be named so that we can make sure the field turns up in your service. Here is a step by step guide on custom tags.

Improved customer creation flow

We have added step by step guide for creating user accounts. This will help you when you need to create VIP or test accounts. You find the create button in the upper right corner after clicking on "List users" in the left hand menu. Here is a guide to user account creation when you only sell monthly subscriptions and here when you use offer management.

Availability filter for broadcast 

We are currently implementing plenty of new features and improvements for Live TV services. The latest addition is an availability filter for broadcasts which will help you to automatically populate your collections depending on what you want to display. You have the choice between 

  • All content: Will capture all content
  • Available content: Will capture current live and catch-up content
  • Upcoming content: Will capture upcoming live content

Views for Live TV startpages (linear content)

A while ago we introduced views which reflect the top pages you have in your streaming service. We have added now a template for a Live TV start page which will populate your start page with the most common collections that will showcase live and catch-up content.

The following collections will be generated and populated:

  • Hero
  • Live Channels
  • My Favourite Channels
  • Most Popular TV-shows
  • Most Popular Movies

You can always change, rename and add new collections later.

Step by step guide for advertisement overrides

We made it easier to add pre-, mid and postrolls. A step by step guide will help you to add an advertisement rule for a specific asset. Here is a detailed guide.

If you would like to use advertisement in your service please contact our support team so that we can enable the feature in your service.