Mailchimp is a powerful communication tool. You can set automated marketing campaigns as well as manual one-off email send outs. Magine Pro has an integration with Mailchimp. All you need is your Mailchimp list ID and the synchronisation can start.

You can read more about Mailchimp here.

Magine Pro integration with Mailchimp

The integration between Magine Pro and Mailchimp works in the following way.

New Users

New users are synchronized towards Mailchimp within 24 hours of their account being created on the Magine Pro platform, i.e. all users who have registered their email in the signup process. 

To be compliant with GDPR only users that have actively opted-in (i.e. checked the “Send me newsletters and promotions” checkbox during sign up process) will be added as subscribers to your mailing list. All other users will be added to Mailchimp with the status “unsubscribed”.

Existing Users - Unsubscribe

If an existing user wants to unsubscribe from the marketing mailing list in Mailchimp, they can do so, by clicking on the unsubscribe link, at the bottom of any marketing email that is sent from the partner to the end customer. 

Existing Users - Update Contact Email

If an existing user updates their contact email in the service via their settings page, the Magine Pro platform will synchronize with Mailchimp. It will clean the old contact email, and create a new profile with the updated email.

User Data

For all users in Mailchimp, we will populate a set of data attributes. This data contains e.g. watched hours the last 365 days or their current active products. See a full list here.

This data will be updated once every 24 hours.