A view is a page in your service that displays several collections like your start page. This gives you the opportunity to create more pages with different collections. You could for example create a view for drama or documentaries and then add only collections that fit these genres. 

If you set up your start page for the first time you can use our template view which will automatically add the essentials to the page. The essentials include:

  • Hero asset
  • Continue watching
  • My watchlist
  • Most popular
  • Newest Releases
  • Our Recommendations
  • Popular Genres

You can still change the collections and sorting of the collections on the start page later on.

Follow these steps to create manually a new view:

  1. Login to the Magine Pro Console
  2. Go to Content --> Views
  3. Click on "Add View" in the upper right corner
  4. Name your view
  5. Decide if it should be a view for VoD (curated collection) or Live TV (epg channel view)
  6. Select how the collections should be added to the view
  7. Select the metadata type.
  8. Then decide how the collection will be sorted
  9. “Visibility” and “Filter by user entitlements” decides for which users the view will be shown
  10. In the last step you can preview the view
  11. If you are satisfied with your selection then save it. Otherwise you can go back in the process and change your selection.

At the moment you can only have one view/page in your service. By default that is your start page. If you would like to introduce new pages to your service send us an email to support@magine.com and we will help you to set them up.