As the amount of assets, channels and collections grow in your streaming service we want to give you an easier way to manage how you can present your content to your customers. Therefore we have redesigned the collection management in the Magine Pro Console.

Views and collection in video on demand services

To give you more possibilities to present your content we are introducing views. A view is a page in your service that displays several collections like your start page. This gives you the opportunity to create more pages with different collections. You could for example create a view for drama or documentaries and then add only collection that fit these genres. The only available display type for views is currently curated collection. Here is a step by step guide on how to create a view. 

At the moment you can only have one view/page in your service. By default that is your start page. If you would like to introduce new pages to your service send us an email to and we will help you to set them up.

You can still create a collection the same way as you did before. We only moved the button "Add collection" in the top right corner. If you would like to refresh your knowledge on how to create a collection please have a look here.

Views in Live TV services

In a Live TV service a view defines which channels should turn up and how they are ordered. You can select between these options:

  • Collection matching metadata labels e.g. channels with the label sport or history
  • Collection matching a set of predefined metadata assets e.g. manual selection
  • Collection matching all metadata assets 
  • Collection matching items the user has bought

 At the moment you can only have one view/page in your service.

How does this affect your streaming service and work processes?

The only visible change for you is that all collections with the display type curated collection will be moved to views. This means that if you have set up your start page as curated collection you will find it in the view tab below collections in the left hand menu.

These changes don't affect how your streaming service looks like today. It's a first step to make working with collections easier for you.