We are currently working on a new way for you to present your content by genre. It's our goal to give you the possibility to create pages that display only assets of a certain genre where you can sort these assets in special collections. For example you could create a genre page for comedies which has several collections like "Romantic comedies", "Comedies for children", "Animated comedies" and "Parodies".

In order to implement those genre pages we need to do some preparations that we want to inform you about to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. In the upcoming week we will introduce two new types of display types - posters and collection links. Display types define how the picture of the asset is presented on the collection page or in other words how the user sees the asset in a collection list. Posters will display the asset picture in the same way as movie vod and collection links in the same way as genre browse.

So why introduce two new display types if the look and feel don't change? 

Our backend is used by a multitude of clients and some of them don't support this new feature as they are custom work. So we want to make sure that when we introduce the genre pages for template all clients can still display the start page in the correct way.

How will this change be done?

We will duplicate your collection information with the new display types poster and collection link instead of movie vod and genre browse in the upcoming week. So please be aware that there will be more collections with similar naming showing up in your collection overview.

As soon as the last bits and pieces are done to introduce the genre page in all clients we will remove the display type movie vod and genre browse. We will inform you when you need to change your routines for creating collections.

How to find your collections in the meantime in console

If you need to change the settings of a current collection then please click the filter "Display type" in the header of your collection list. This will sort all your collections by type and you will be able to find the correct collection using movies vod and genre browse as display type.