4th September 2018

With the latest update of our template application for iOS and Android we added trailers and a share function which you can pretest through Crashlytics and Fabric. Please contact our support if you need help to get the latest build to your test devices.


If you have trailers for your movies you can now connect them through the Magine console. The trailer will be displayed as an extra icon on the movies detail page and can be played by all users that have access to that page. That means that they can play the trailer without purchasing a subscription.

This gives you the possibility to advertise your content in a better way and make the decision to purchase a subscription more tempting.

Follow this link to learn how to add trailers to your assets.


We have added a share button on the details page of the asset. This enable users to share a movie or show they like with their friends and families via Social Media, messenger services and email. When a person follows a shared link she will be guided to the details page of that particular asset in the browser without being forced to login to the service.

Improvement of player controls

The latest version of the template app for iOS and Android also includes an improvement of the player controls. Customer can now fast forward and rewind by double tapping in the player window. Double tap on the left side will rewind the movie for 10 seconds and double tap on the right side will fast forward the movie also for 10 seconds. User studies showed that this is a more intuitive behaviour.