In order to create a new offer follow our step by step guide in the Magine Console:

Step 1: Define Settings

  1. Go to the commercial section in the Console
  2. Click on Offers/Create offer
  3. Fill out the fields
    1. Title of offer: The name of the offer visible to the customer
    2. Offer description: Add unique selling points to explain what the customer will get when purchasing the offer
    3. Enable Third Party offer if this offer is provided by a third party
    4. Image: Add a poster that visually represents your offer
    5. Offer type: Choose if the type is rental (assets only available for a specific time period), EST (asset purchased by customer) or subscription (auto-renewal of offer after a specific time period)
    6. Region: Select the market the offer should be available for

Step 2: Define Metadata assets

Apply the offer to an existing pack or create a new pack.

Step 3: Define pricing

  1. Select the currency and the price for the offer
  2. Select the start date when the offer can be purchased
  3. Select the end date until the offer can be purchased

If you selected type rental

  1. Select the rental period

If you selected type subscription

  1. Select renewal period (currently monthly or yearly)
  2. Select how long the trial period should be

Please note that you can only select 1 currency per offer. If you want to have the same offer in different markets with different currencies then you need to create a new offer for that market. You can re-use the pack.

Please note that the customer can still use a subscription or EST after the end date of the offer if they purchased it when the offer was available.

Step 4: Summary

The summary tab shows the settings you have chosen. If you are satisfied you can create the offer by clicking on the create button.