With promo codes you can alter the price for a monthly subscription. This gives you the opportunity to run campaigns and certain offers for your customers.

The price can be changed by a predefined amount e.g. 1€ off or by a certain percentage e.g. 30% off.

You can define the duration of the discount e.g. 6 months. Afterwards the price of the subscription will go up to the original price if not cancelled by the customer.

You can define a period when the promo code can be consumed e.g. from day X to day Y which gives the possibility to run campaigns in a limited timeframe. 

We have two types of codes:

Viral code 

A viral code can be used by any customer during the purchase flow as long as the code is valid. Every customer is using the same code e.g. 3MONTHSBASIC. These code can be embedded in a link of the campaign so that the user doesn’t need to enter it to consume it.

Unique codes

Unique codes have the same prefix but a different ending which means that every code can only be used once (by one customer in one account).These code can be embedded in the link of the campaign so that the user doesn’t need to enter it to consume it.


Prepay campaigns have to go through an outsourced solution. We can provide codes that give 100% discount. Customer cancellation will be still handled on a monthly basis.

Promo codes that give discount for the same subscription will override each other and can’t be combined.

Start and end date of a code are defined during code creation and can’t be tied to when a certain code is purchased by a customer.

When a duration of a discount applied through a promo code expires the subscription continues and won’t be cancelled automatically.