The Magine Console includes a section where you can create user accounts. This is very useful if you need a test or a VIP account for your streaming service.

Creation process

  1. Go to the Commercial section in the Console

  2. Click on Users/Create User

  3. Fill out the fields

    1. Name: Name of the user

    2. Email: Email of the user, used as login

    3. Password: Password to login, needs to have a least 6 signs

    4. Locale: Defines the language for the service messages

    5. Country: Defines the market the account is active in

  4. Click on create

Best practice

Select only languages (locale) that are available in your service. If you use a language that isn’t available the user will get the default language.

Select only a country where your service is available. If you choose a different country you won’t be able to add a subscription to the account in the next step.

Adjustment process

After you clicked on the create button you will be redirected to the account detail page. You can now adjust the account further to your needs.

  1. Change contact email, country or language settings if necessary

  2. Add tags that give special rights to accounts

  3. Save the changes

Available tags

tag name


Use case


Disables the IP check so that the content is available world wide

Testers and VIP outside the market


Disables the check for how many devices are used in one account

Testers & developers who will test on several devices with the same account

Add a subscription

  1. Click on the subscription tab

  2. Click on “Add subscriptions”

  3. Choose the subscription that should be accessible in the account

  4. Add a note that describes why you added the subscription

  5. Click on Okay

You can now use the account in your service.

Managing VIP accounts

Giving special VIP access to your service can be a good way to showcase and market your service. We recommend that you keep track of all VIP accounts and check on a regular basis if they are still necessary.

If you are using the offer management please contact to add a free subscription to your VIP users. The feature is currently in development.

Downgrading unnecessary test and VIP accounts

If you decide that you don’t need the test or VIP account any more then you can downgrade the account to a free account:

  1. Find the account in User section of the Console

  2. Go to the subscription tab

  3. Click on the cancel button next to the subscription

  4. Enter a note that describes why you removed the subscription

  5. Choose to do a soft cancel (subscription ends at the end of the billing period) or a hard downgrade (subscription will be removed immediately)

  6. If you want to do a hard downgrade mark the hard delete box 

  7. Click on Cancel subscription

Note: After creating an account it can take up to 30 min until the account will turn up in a search in the console. The account is fully usable from the beginning but it takes a while until the search index is updated with the account data.