After searching for a customer account you can find the details by clicking on the UserID. You can identify the UserID by checking the last 3 letters. A user ID always ends on USR.

Account details

The details page shows you the following information:

UserID: Unique user ID (can’t be changed)

OpenID: Unique email address used to login (can’t be changed)

Created Timestamp: Time the account was created

Contact email: Email address used for mailings 

Locale: Language settings for service messages

Country: Country the account was registered from

Phone number: Customers phone number

Postal code: Customers postal code

Parental control: Indicates if customer has enabled the parental control

Parental pin code: Current pin code for activated parental control

User tags: Added tags to identify special user accounts

Note: Not all fields might contain information as they reflect your signup process and other service settings.

Troubleshooting: If a customer has registered from a country outside your market (abroad) the country field will show the geolocations picked up through the IP address. Another result is that the subscription tab will be blank as your service is only setup for those countries you offer your services.