After searching for a customer account you can find the details by clicking on the UserID. You can identify the UserID by checking the last 3 letters. A user ID always ends on USR.

Account details

The details page shows you the following information:

UserID: Unique user ID (can’t be changed)

OpenID: Unique email address used to login (can’t be changed)

Created Timestamp: Time the account was created

Contact email: Email address used for mailings 

Locale: Language settings for service messages

Country: Country the account was registered from

Phone number: Customers phone number

Postal code: Customers postal code

Email opt-in: Original newletter option selected during the registration process

Parental control: Indicates if the customer has enabled the parental control

Parental pin code: Current pin code for activated parental control

User tags: Added tags to identify special user accounts

Note: Not all fields might contain information as they reflect your signup process and other service settings.