To edit the metadata of a VOD please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Content → Metadata → List Metadata

  2. Find the metadata file by searching with title, label, genre or kind. Click on the desired metadata file.

  3. Now the metadata can be changed

    1. Under the tab “Presentation” most of the data is visible in the service. A small device icon next to the fields indicates which will show up on the detail page of the asset. 

    2. Translations in any supported language can be added and edited under the “Translations” tab.

    3. For Images, go to the “Images tab”. We recommend that you upload at least a 16:9 and a poster image as these images are used most frequently.

    4. In the settings tab, you can decide when, where and how this asset is available.

  4. Save your changes. The changes will be published immediately in your service.