When editing the metadata please be careful and remove the format before you paste it into the fields. To edit the metadata of an asset please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Magine Pro Console and go to Media & Metadata in the Content section 

  2. Find the metadata file. You can use filters to narrow down the results. 

  3. Click on the desired metadata file.

    1. Under the tab “Metadata” most of the data is visible in the service. A small device icon next to the fields indicates which will show up on the detail page of the asset. 

    2. Translations in any supported language can be added and edited under the “Translations” tab.

    3. For Images, go to the “Images tab”. We recommend that you upload at least a 16:9 and a poster image as these images are used most frequently.

    4. The linked media tab is showing you which video file is connected to your metadata file. If you have uploaded an asset several times the active version will show in bold.

    5. Under the widgets tab, you can add external content that will be shown on the details page. Read more about widgets here.

    6. The offers tab shows you in which offer your customer need to purchase to get access to it.

  4. Save your changes. The changes will be published immediately in your service.