To update the metadata of a VOD these steps should be followed:

  1. Go to Content → Metadata → List Metadata

  2. Type the metadata title in the input field and click on the desired metadata file.

  3. Now the metadata can be changed

    1. Under the tab “Presentation” most of the data that should be presented in the service can be found. What fields are shown here are determined by the “kind” of the viewable.

    2. Translations to any language can be added and edited under the “Translations” tab.

    3. For Images, go to the “Images tab” and upload as many images as wanted. The image type that is selected will let the service know how it should be presented.

    4. The “Metadata” tab is where it can be set when and where the Viewable should be published, what “kind” it have and so on.

  4. Save your changes. The changes will be pushed to your service automatically.