To create and release a channel, there are several things that must be done by different development teams. This is the process:

  1. Please provide us with a source to transcode e.g. an hls stream or information on what satellite feed etc.

  2. Then send us the metadata of that channel according to our metadata ingest specifications.

  3. We also need to know the default rights the channel should have (Live available, Recorded available (catchup), Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Live scrubbing rights (How far back a user is allowed to rewind in Live), Recorded rights (How long catchup is available).

  4. We will inform you when we have created the channel, you can go then into the console and find the metadata files for the channel.

  5. Add channel logos, edit the name and add a description if you want one.

  6. At last please inform us in which package it should be included in and when it should be released.

  7. If the source of revenue is through Ads, you can go to console → commercial → ads → create overrides and set specific ad settings for the channel