A collection contains different sets of metadata assets. We have several options prepared for you depending on which design you prefer:

  • Featured collection: Promote one asset with a big 16:9 image. This works great as a top collection to promote the most exclusive content. 
  • Featured carousel collection: Promote several assets with a big 16:9 image. You can define how fast the assets rotate.
  • Movies vod: Showcase assets with a poster image, this works great for movies and shows.
  • Sixteen nine images: Showcase assets with small 16:9 images. This works great for catch-up content and live channels.

Besides these design options we have prepared collections that are based on features:

  • Genre browse: This is a collection of collections which works great for presenting several genre-specific collections like Comedy with the sub-collections Animated Comedy, Romantic Comedy and Stand-up. This collection will automatically generate an extra page for you that you can add to the menu of your website.
  • Continue Watching: User curated collection of assets they have already started watching. If the feature is enabled in your service the collection will automatically populate.
  • Bookmarks: User curated collection based on the users choice. This collection is used for the watchlist and downloaded content list
  • Entitled content: Presents content that the user has access to. Will display how long the user has access to the assets.
  • Live channels: Showcase what’s live on a set of channels. Channel logo will be visible.
  • Favourite channels: Presents what’s live on channels selected by the user. Channel logo will be visible.

Follow the step by step guide for creating a new collection:

  1. Login to the Magine Pro Console and go here. 
  2. Click on the "Add Collection" button in the upper right corner

  3. Name your collection

  4. Select how the collection should be displayed in the service

  5. Select how the assets should be added to the collection

    1. Labels: Fetches automatically all assets that are marked with a specific label of the selected metadata type

    2. Manual: Select the assets for the collection manually

    3. Match all: WIll contain all assets in your service of the selected metadata type

  6. Select the metadata type. You can pick all of them or just a few.

  7. Then decide how the assets will be sorted

  8. Add the assets or labels that you want to include

  9. “Visibility” and “Filter by user entitlements” decides for which users the collection will be shown

  10. In the last step, you can preview the collection. If no assets show up check that you have selected the correct country.
  11. If you are satisfied with your selection then save it. Otherwise, you can go back to the process and change your selection.

Next step is to add your new collection to a view that compiles a collection. If you have already views continue here. If you still need to create a view check this guide. The creation process is similar to the creation of a collection.