Follow these steps to upload a new VOD to your service.

  1. Go to Content → Media → VODs.

  2. Click on “upload a new video”-button

  3. Select the desired file from your computer

  4. Select the “kind” the metadata should have, e.g. “movie”.

  5. Press upload

  6. When the upload is done, the transcoding will begin. Now you can continue to prepare the metadata file. Click the “Source ID” to go to the metadata file.

  7. Under the “Presentation” tab - edit all info about the movie

  8. Add translations under the “translations” tab

  9. Add Images under the “Images” tab

  10. Under the tab “Metadata”  set labels which will be used with collections, when and where the metadata file will be available in the service and add some custom metadata if necessary as json file.

  11. Save your changes. The changes will be pushed to your service automatically.

  12. For a metadata file to show up in the service it must be included in a collection. This can be done by adding a “Label” to the Viewable, Manually add the Viewable in a collection or have a collection that Match all metadata files

Read more about how to create a collections here.