One of the most important things you need to do to make your streaming service successful is to decide how you want to present your content to your customers. In the Magine Pro Console you can do that by creating collections. Collections compile several meta data files by specific conditions. A collection can also consist of other collections.

Here is an overview of the collection attributes:

Data type

This decides how metadata files should be selected to be included in the collection. E.g. there are the “Manual” data type that uses a list of metadata files that are manually created in the console. There’s also the “Labels” data type that will add all metadata assets with this specific label to the collection.

Display type

Display type decides how the collection will be presented in the service. This may vary between different types of devices. Some things that are determined by the display type is: Which image should be used, how many metadata files will be presented and if there should be text over the image etc.


This decides in which order the metadata files will be presented. E.g. the “Default” sorting should be used to present the manually given order from a collection with data type “Manual”. There’s also sorting by alphabetical, newest, most popular and more.