The media section compiles all your media files in one place. There are four different kinds of media: Channels, Broadcasts, VODs and Live Events. 

Channels are linear live streams and broadcasts are the individual programs that are being aired on a channel at a certain time. VODs are files that can be played any time and Live Events are single, unique events that are streamed when they are happing. Under the respective sections it is possible to: see settings of the channels, set rights on broadcasts and upload VOD files among other features.

Media types


This is a traditional linear channel. Content that is being constantly streamed in a linear fashion.


A broadcast can be defined as a specific program being aired at a specific channel during a specific time. E.g. the rerun of “Top Speed” at 11:00 on BBC 1 is a Broadcast. All broadcasts are connected to a channel and have it’s own metadata. Broadcasts inherit the rights from the channel it’s being aired on but they can also be set on a “per broadcast” basis.

Live events

A live event is used when you want to stream video content for a short period (usually hours). It could for example be a football game, a concert or a live streamed conference. Live events support H.264 (AVC) / AAC over RTMP PUSH. The price model for live events is pay per live event.