Two dashboards will be offered directly off the shelf.


This dashboard gives you basic data about how your service is doing. It shows:

  • the number of registered users
  • the number of subscribers
  • the number of cancelled and churned users
  • the activity level of your users including content and devices
  • your revenue

You can adjust the date range and the aggregation of the data to suit your needs.

Promo codes

This dashboard helps you to follow the performance and effect of your promotions campaigns. You can see:

  • the number of consumed codes
  • the number of new subscribers using a promotion code
  • the number of subscribers getting currently a discount 
  • the number of paying subscribers that stayed on after their discount expired

Understanding your data

We have added a short definition of every data displayed to give you a quick understanding. You can access it by hovering with the mouse over the exclamation symbol on the left side of the title.