When a customer selects an asset she will be guided to the content details page. In our configuration section on the Magine Pro Console, you can decide which information is shown on the page and how it is presented.


A big 16:9 image is displayed at the top of the page. You can define the alignment of the image which steers the cropping for different screen sizes on the web.

  • Top alignment: Image is cropped only from the bottom.
  • Center alignment: Image is cropped from all sides while the centre stays in focus.

Collapsable metadata

A detail page can have a lot of information so you can decide how the information is displayed on mobile devices. If you enable it to collapse the information will be shortened and the user will get a "see more" button. This enhances the overview of the page on mobile devices.

Hide subscribed button

A customer that has no active offer will see a "Subscribe" button on the details page. If the customer has already an active offer and the asset is included in it the button will say "Subscribed" instead.

If you offer in your service just one type of subscription and you don't want to show the "Subscribed" button to your customers you can hide it with this setting.

Not entitled message

If a customer visits the detail page of an asset that isn’t included in their current offer a message will be displayed on top of the image. You can decide here which message it should be. You can translate the message by clicking on the Translate button.

Metadata fields

You can also decide which metadata fields should be rendered on your details page. This requires that you add information in the responding fields of the metadata asset.

You can choose to display:

  • Director
  • Cast
  • Production
  • Countries
  • Custom tags