If a customer has difficulties to login to your streaming service first get a picture of what seems to be the problem:

1. Forgotten the login details

It happens that a customer forgets her login details. Then it is important to check if the email she uses is connected to an account in your service. If the email is connected to an account the customer should reset the password and try again to login. 

If the customer can't remember the email address either you can search by customer name or payment information in Console and Adyen.

2. Don’t get the password reset email

Only if the email address is connected to an account a password reset email will be sent. The link in the email is valid for 2h. 

Depending on the customers email client settings the password reset email can end up in the spam folder. You can check in Mandrill if the email was sent successfully to the customers email address. Mandrill stores the data for 30 days. You can open the email that was sent to the customer, copy the link to reset the password and send it from your support address to the customer if necessary.

You can trigger a password reset email on behalf of the customer from the forgot password page in your service. Just copy and paste the customers email address into the field.

3. Misspelled email addresses when creating accounts

One common root cause for login problems and the creation of double accounts is that customers misspell their email address when they register an account.

When dealing with the above problems you have to keep in mind that the login email address is considered as unique UserID and it can be different from the contact email address.

The password reset email will be sent to the contact email address.

4. Change login email address

Sometimes customer would like to change the email address they use to login. We consider the login email as unique UserID which can’t be changed.

The contact email can be changed so that all communication will go to that new address.