The latest update of the Magine console brings you a bunch of design and process improvements and addresses a few smaller issues.

New process design for promotions and offers

In the current update we apply an easy to follow process flow to create promotions and offers which you might know already from the creation of collection process. You will now be guided step by step through the creation process with the possibility to revert settings before you actually create a promotion or offer. If you want to refresh your memory on how to create a promotion go here and for offers go here.

New display type "sixteen nine image"

When you create a new collection you can select now sixteen nine image to display the picture of your assets in that format. This format is ideal if you don't have a poster for your asset e.g. for broadcasts.

Filter metadata assets on kind

We have made it easier to add metadata assets to manual collections. When you add an asset to a collection manually only assets of the allowed kind for that collection will be available in the search. For example if you have a manual collection for shows only shows will be presented to you in the selection field.

This makes it faster and easier to find the correct asset that should be added to the collection.

Third party offer

We have added a field in the metadata section of an asset called Branding. Whenever you add an asset you can now add the provider name which will be displayed on the details page of that asset as "Provided by ...". This will help you to be transparent who you are working with and fulfil contractual requirements.

You can find the field in the settings section of the metadata assets.