If you need to create user accounts for e.g. VIP or testing you can do so through the console. Go to the user section in the console and click on "list users". The create user button is in the upper right corner.

1. Step: User settings

Add the name, email, password, locale (language) and country.

2. Step: User details

You can add user tags in this step so that you can find your e.g. VIP customers more easily again later. Please ignore the parental control settings as this feature is still in development for VoD services. Also remember that you are not allowed to add the users to your email newsletter without asking for the users consent.

Step 3: Subscription

Add the subscription that the user should have by clicking on the "Add subscription" button. Please remember that the customer will have access to your content as long as the subscription is activated in the account.

Step 4: Preview and create

Check that the account settings are correct and then click the save button.

Removing the access to the content

If you need to remove the subscription do the following:

  1. Find the customer in the user base
  2. Go to the user account by clicking on the UserID in the search results
  3. Go the subscription tab
  4. Click on the cancel button next to the subscription
  5. Write a note why you do the cancellation
  6. Check mark the "Hard cancel" box
  7. Click on cancel subscription

Note: If the customer should keep the subscription until the end of the billing period see this guide.