On the payments tab, you can check the payment method used by the customers, the status of the payments and investigate failed payments.

Payment method

In this section, you find the payment method the customer used to purchase an offer. This information can only be changed by the customer herself.

If a customer requests that you should remove the stored payment method you can do so by clicking on the disable button. The payment data will be still stored in your payment providers database.

Note: If you disable the payment method and the customer still has an active subscription offer the customer will enter the dunning process at the end of the billing period.

Failed payment registrations

Failed payment registrations are collecting the data that the customer provides when she is entering a payment method wrongfully. In the Raw data, you can find explanations of why the registration failed under the ‘Failed Payments’ section.

Successful payments

TransactionID: Unique transaction ID

Method: Payment method used to pay for the subscription during this billing period

Net price: The monthly price of the subscription that the customer actually paid (can be reduced by vouchers)

Transaction timestamp: The time when the payment method was actually charged

Type: The type of transaction indicates if it is an authorisation or recurring payment

Packages: The subscription the customer paid for

Gross price: The price of the offer

Billing period: Shows the exact period the customer has access to the offer

Note: TransactionIDs always ends on PTI.

Pending payments

Here you will find for pending payments until they have been completely processed. They will get then the status successful or failed.

Failed payments

The failed payment section gives you an overview of why a payment failed. If you click on the “more information” button you will be able to see if the payment failed while registering the payment method or if it was a recurring payment.

You can also see the message that we receive from the bank why the payment failed.