After we received the stream and the necessary information from you we will transcode your channel. When everything is set up we will notify you so that you can publish the channel in your service. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Magine Pro Console and go to the media & metadata section

  2. Find the new channel and select it

  3. Add applicable metadata. Minimum requirement: name and channel logos

In the next step, you need to add the channel to the EPG view

  1. Go to Content --> Views and click on your EPG collection
  2. Scroll down to the channel list in the metadata section and add your new channel
  3. Move it to the position you want to have it
  4. Click on save

The channel will become visible in the service as soon as you upload the connected metadata file to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) S3 bucket. You can find our guide here.

Now the channel is published it needs to be added to a package so that customers can get access to it. Read here how to create packages and how to add new channels to a package.

If your revenue is through advertisement, you can create overrides and set specific ad settings for the channel. Follow our guide to set up advertisement rules.