The different “sections” on the start page in the service are different collections that contain different sets of metadata files. Follow these steps to create a new collection:

  1. Go to Content → Collections → Create collection

  2. If this is not the Startpage collection, select “Custom” under “View”

  3. Name your collection

  4. Select “Data type”, this is what defines how the metadata file should be matched into the collection, or if it should be a collection of collections. E.g. “Manual” lets you pick each metadata file manually, “Labels” match metadata file on their labels etc.

  5. Select a “Display type”. The names are just suggestions of what the display type can be used for. For the collection to actually be “most popular”, the other settings must be adjusted for the purpose

  6. Press “Create”

  7. Write a description if you want one

  8. Select how the metadata file should be sorted under “Sorting”. E.g. “Popularity” displays the most popular metadata file first 

  9. Under “metadata filter” it can be decided what kind of metadata file should be included, e.g. only movies.

  10. “Media filter” decides which media files should be included.

  11. “Visibility” and “Filter by user entitlements” decides for which users the collection or the viewables in them should be displayed for.

  12. Translations can be added under the “Translations” tab.

  13. Each collection can have one image, it’s added under the “Images” tab. 

  14. You can preview what will be included in the collection when it’s in the service under the tab “Preview”. It can even be previewed by country.

  15. Save the collection

Next step is to add your new collection to a page that compiles collection. You do that as well with a collection. More details here.