A collection contains different sets of metadata assets. Follow these steps to create a new collection:

  1. Login to the Magine Pro Console
  2. Go to Content → Collections

  3. Click on the "Add Collection" button in the upper right corner

  4. Name your collection

  5. Select how the collection should be displayed in the service

  6. Select how the assets should be added to the collection

    1. Labels: Fetches automatically all assets that are marked with a specific label of the selected metadata type

    2. Manual: Select the assets for the collection manually

    3. Match all: WIll contain all assets in your service of the selected metadata type

  7. Select the metadata type. You can pick all of them or just a few.

  8. Then decide how the assets will be sorted

  9. Add the assets or labels that you want to include

  10. “Visibility” and “Filter by user entitlements” decides for which users the collection will be shown

  11. In the last step you can preview the collection
  12. If you are satisfied with your selection then save it. Otherwise you can go back in the process and change your selection.

Next step is to add your new collection to a view that compiles collection. If you have already views continue here. If you still need to create a view check this guideThe creation process is similar to the creation of a collection.